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Private Client Services

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We are ready to be part of your trusted team of advisors. We understand you have busy and complicated lives, so we are ready to offer you consultative services to make your insurance as simple as possible. We recognize that your time is valuable, so we are always just a phone call away at your convenience. Speak with one of our qualified agents to see if private client group insurance is the right option for you and your family.

We work with private client groups such as Pure, Chubb, AIG and more to ensure our high-net-worth clients can access the coverage they need, with higher limits to their policies and higher value umbrella policies than traditional insurance carriers.

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Our cars are our pride and joy. Whether we’re taking the kids on a long drive or the imported sports car we drive for the fun of it - or even the special foreign roadster you save for Sundays - we care about them and want them protected. We understand these types of cars have special features, higher parts costs, and need quality maintenance providers.

While typical insurance providers only offer policies based on your car’s current market value if it is totaled or stolen (which can be much less than what you originally paid), private client insurance offers more. Most carriers offer total replacement based on an ‘agreed upon’ value. This way, in the event of an accident, there is no question about your settlement amount.

Private client insurance providers also offer enhanced uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, gap coverage, and more.

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You take pride in your home - and it is certainly one of your most precious assets. It takes time and effort to design and build a home like yours - not even considering your valuables and memories inside it. Private client insurance providers offer premium protection above and beyond traditional carriers. In most cases, they cover the cost to replace your home to its original specifications and in compliance with today’s building codes, even when the cost exceeds your policy limit.

Private client providers also often provide replacement cost cash out options, temporary arrangement coverages, accidental breakage and identity theft protection. Give us a call and discuss your options - you have more than you may realize when you work with private client providers.

Excess Liability: permalink

Private client insurance provides higher excess liability limits than traditional insurers – as high as $50mil. If you need a higher umbrella policy to protect your assets, then private client might be the right option for you.