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Just as property and casualty insurance helps protect your home, auto and assets from an unexpected loss, commercial insurance does the same for your business. We’ve helped many companies - from small businesses to large corporations - protect their assets over the years. From commercial property all the way to liability and workmen’s comp, Casco Bay’s independent agents bring a wealth of experience to the table. Above all, we’re ready to help you cover both your business and its employees.

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Employee benefits liability insurance helps protect businesses from errors and omissions (often called E&O) that occur when benefits plans are offered by a company. These could include, but are not limited to, failing to enroll, maintain or terminate employees in a plan, and failing to correctly describe benefit plans and eligibility rules to employees.

This insurance covers a wide range of options and plans such as health plans, dental and life insurance, profit-sharing plans, and workers’ compensation. This is typically sold as a standalone policy, and is offered by Casco Bay as an additional coverage.


Sometimes when you're too close to the fire, you can't see the problems. This happens frequently when you’re the owner of a business. You live and breathe your business - so are you truly paying close attention to potential risk factors? We help identify the issues and then set goals to correct these safety issues. This proactive approach results in a safer environment and lower premiums.